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Flexco can supply a range of Industrial hose and fittings

Speciality Hose & Fittings

We have all of your Speciality Hose requirements covered

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Speciality Hose & Fittings

Regardless of your speciality hosing requirement Flexco offers customers speciality hose and fitting solutions ranging from standard hose assemblies through to more exotic products to meet client specific requirements.

By building strong relationships with our customers and truly understanding their business needs, we are able to provide the most appropriate solutions With an extensive product inventory and close working relationships with leading industry manufacturers Flexco can provide outstanding turnaround times regardless of your hose requirements.

Metallic Stainless Steel Braided and Convoluted

Stainless Steel, Braided and Convoluted industrial hoses are usually designed for a specific application. Open- pitched, seamless, helical convolutions provide for easy cleaning and transport of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages

PTFE Smooth or Convoluted

All of our PTFE/convoluted industrial hoses are constructed from a fully crimp-able, convoluted PTFE core with a carbon impregnated static dissipation liner (impervious to virtually all chemicals) and are light, durable, offer flexible crimp-able composition.

Metal Stripwound - Stainless Steel 316 or Galvanized

For unique applications we can provide all components including Stainless Steel 316 of galvanised industrial hoses that are crush resistant while being easier to flex.

2013 Flexco Catalogue

Flexco has all of your speciality hose and fitting requirements covered. We have substantial stock to service your requirements.