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We are one of Australia's Leading Suppliers of Hydraulic and Industrial Hose & Fittings

Industrial Hose & Fittings

Flexco can supply a range of Industrial hose and fittings

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We have all of your Speciality Hose requirements covered

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Industrial Hose & Fittings

Flexco Pty Ltd has been one of Australia's industry leading suppliers of industrial hoses and fittings. We have the resources, experience and expertise to provide the right solutions to all of our customers. Solutions that are cost effective, highly engineered and designed to work faultlessly for years on end.

With experience in Mining, Manufacturing, Hydraulics, Farming, Instrumentation & Process control the team at Flexco can help with you your industrial hose requirements.

Rubber - PVC - Thermoplastics

Rubber PVC and Thermoplastic hose for different applications - Rubber hose consists of multiple layers like tube stock, friction layers, wire helix even a wear strip can be added. Integrally Built handmade assemblies are available on request and made to various customer specifications - PVC is generally the cheaper option dependent upon product conveyed, temperature etc -.Thermoplastic hose - these highly engineered hoses are lightweight, long-lasting available in extraordinary lengths and will meet the needs of even the most unique and demanding applications on land or below the ocean.

Petroleum - Chemical - Air - Water - Slurry - Food - Steam

Manufactured from multiple tight-wound thermoplastic films and tubes that create a barrier to permeation and designed to aid the manufacturing process results in a truly flexible thermoplastic composite hose that doesn't kink or collapse with exceptional service life and offers superior safety and performance.

Composite Fuel & Chemical Hose Assemblies

Flexco understand the importance of proper fuel delivery that is reliable and safe. We have a large range of composite hoses, hose fittings and hose assemblies for use in fuel and tanker transfer applications.

Fittings and Hose Accessories

Hose must be connected ! So of course it needs a fitting or two and the range of fittings is wide and varied. From Camlocks, Flanged ends, Screwed ends, Swaged ends, Push on ends, Clamps, Bandit strapping, Wire Whipped, Nozzles, Valves and Strainers the list goes on and on.

2013 Flexco Catalogue

We know just how costly downtimes can be for mining operations both large and small. Finding the correct industrial hose or fitting is only half of the job, Flexco can offer its clients a range of different industrial hose and fitting options and solutions.